Natural Wedding Photography

When you imagine your dream wedding photography, you may picture those beautiful group shots of your closest friends gathered around. You may picture that special image your grandparents proudly sat beside you on your big day. Or maybe you dream of that perfect moment right after you’ve said ‘I do’. Whatever you’re dreaming of, Jane Gilbert Wedding Photography is sure to capture a gorgeous collection of images throughout your day that tells the story of your wedding and your relationship.

It’s all about variety.

Of course we certainly want the posed shots of you and your loved ones on the big day you’ve all been waiting for. But, it’s often those natural, un-posed and moments you didn’t know I was capturing that end up being your favourites from the day.

The reassuring squeeze of your father’s hand.

The cheeky wink of a best man.

The funky dance moves of a toddler.

And the stolen kiss as you stroll around the grounds of your venue.

These are the moments that make your wedding day.

These are the moments you need to treasure forever.

And that’s why I make it my mission during the whole of your day to capture a wonderful mix of posed and natural shots to tell your story. My experience enables me to blend into the backdrop when needed and capture the day beautifully, but also to pop up and bring a smile (and a laugh) to the guests when we need to.

So when you visit me for your initial consultation, we’ll grab a cuppa and discuss those all important shots you need to have with your parents, friends, siblings, bridesmaids and more. And once we have our checklist of ‘must-haves’, we can be sure to allocate time for me to capture those natural shots too. After all, the less time you spend posing for photos on your big day, the more time you can spend actually enjoying it!

You have spent a long time dreaming of and planning your wedding day, so let me take care of capturing the memories, and you take care of making them.