Final Moments Before You Say ‘I Do’

From the final moments before you say ‘I Do’ to your first dance as a married couple… If you are a regular reader of this blog, or you’re a previous wedding couple of mine, you’ll know I simply love all weddings! Whatever time of the year, wherever the ceremony and reception take place and whatever journey the couples have been on together, there is simply something really magical about spending such a special day amongst your family and friends.

It’s a privilege in fact that I have the honour of being a part of your day as your wedding photographer. I see those nervous and excited last moments before you walk down the aisle. I get to capture those little looks of love between your parents and friends as they see you make your vows, and I get to grab snapshots of your guests which you may not have seen but prove priceless to look back on in years to come.

But, one of my favourite moments at every wedding I have the pleasure of working at has to be those final minutes before you become a married couple. Should you so desire, I can come along and capture the bride and her maids getting ready, sharing some bubbly and even sometime a few happy tears before the big moment. It’s such an intimate and special time!

I can also capture the groom as he arrives, sharing a few last words of encouragement with his best man and nervously waiting at the end of the aisle.

These are moments that your other half doesn’t get to see on the big day, and it’s these photos that often have the biggest and most emotional effect on couples when they come to view the images once they are wed. If you didn’t have a photographer capturing these moments, you would never be able to share them. It’s so lovely to see how your other half spent their morning of the biggest day of your life.

So when you book me as your wedding photographer, you can be sure I fully appreciate the importance of each and every moment you have on your wedding day, and will capture those special seconds without intruding on your time.

Capture those final moments before you say ‘I Do’ with Jane Gilbert Photography

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