Christmas Wedding Photography

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Whilst many people are frantically running around the shops looking for last minute inspiration, some couples are gearing up for another special day – Their Christmas Wedding, and I just love Christmas Wedding Photography! That’s right, Christmas Day isn’t the only big day for many in the month of December; and what a wonderful time of year to enjoy the most special day of your life…

Christmas is special in the hearts of so many people. It’s often a time of reflection of the year or years gone by, to remember those who are no longer with us, and to feel excited about the future to come. This makes it a sentimental and special time to get married for many people. Not to mention the festive, feel-good vibe everyone has about them! And of course, the simply stunning setting you can have for your day. From beautifully decorated trees to simple, elegant candles, and from delicious festive treats to the possibility of a white Christmas setting – It’s so exciting and of course fabulous to capture as your wedding photographer!

If you’re planning a Christmas wedding, or your considering it then be sure to contact me to discuss your ideas. I have worked at many Christmas weddings over my twenty years as a Staffordshire and Cheshire wedding photographer and I have lots of ideas and inspiration to give. Just get in touch to arrange your visit with me, and I can show you a fabulous festive portfolio. A Christmas wedding just takes is good organisation, and you’re all set…

  • Be sure to let your guests know in a great amount of time that they are invited. Send the ‘save the dates out’ as soon as you can. This is a very busy time of year for people, so the more notice you can give them, the more organised they’ll be. And the more excited they can get ahead of time!
  • Go as festive (or not) as you like! Whether you want to go all out with Christmas crackers and elves or just fancy some simple fairy lights and mulled wine, it’s entirely up to you. Of course you will want some festive touches – Otherwise it’s a bit pointless choosing this time of year! But don’t feel pressure to go crazy. It’s your day and you should love the theme and style you choose.
  • Get everything booked well in advance. As this is such a busy time of year for people in both their businesses and their personal lives, it’s good to get your dream suppliers booked so you don’t miss out. Many suppliers allow you to pay a small deposit on booking, and then the rest closer to the big day, so you can spread the cost.
  • And, talking of cost, be sure to keep a savings account separate to everything else so you don’t get carried away with Christmas presents and festive spending and fall short when you need to pay your wedding suppliers. This will mean less stress so you can enjoy the build up to your big day!

And that’s it! Having a Christmas wedding could be the most magical idea you’ve dreamed of, and with careful planning and fun imagination, you could make your wedding day the special day everyone is really looking forward to at Christmas.

Get in touch with me today to find out more about how I can capture the festive magic on your special day and start getting excited about your Christmas wedding!