Autumn Wedding Photography

Although we may not like to admit that summer is slowly saying goodbye and the cooler weather and darker nights are on the way, there are some wonderful positive aspects of a new season. And as Autumn approaches, I thought I’d take a look at why autumn wedding photography can be so special. Whether it’s at a Staffordshire wedding venue or further afield, I’ve been lucky enough to work at some wonderful weddings during the Autumn months and have a fantastic portfolio to share with you if you’re planning your big day.

Colour Explosion: Whilst the glorious sunshine of summer is of course beautiful, there is something truly magical about Autumn and the backdrop it provides your big day. From golden ambers and rusty reds, the leaves of the trees create a gorgeous scene wherever your wedding day is hosted. And although many people don’t wish for rain on their big day, the lushness of a field after a big downpour is simply stunning and gives you an amazing scene for your wedding album. So, don’t be fooled by thinking summer is the best time for a wedding! Autumn may just be the perfect month for gorgeous photos to treasure forever.

Utilising Space: If the rain does appear on your day, I know all the tips and tricks to make use of all the space we have available at a venue. Whether it’s inside an old barn, under some classy umbrellas or embracing the dramatic cloudy backdrop, don’t let the weather dampen your spirits. Let me take care of it all and you’ll have a wonderful array of varied photos to choose from.

Just Wanna Have Fun: Havin unpredictable weather and darker nights does mean we can have some fun with the photos too! Whether you wear your brightly coloured wellies in a field, take your new bride for a dance under the stars or we have some fun indoors, Autumn means that we can often throw the rule book out of the window if you wish and add a cheeky dash of character and personality to your photos.

So if you’re planning an Autumn wedding, get in touch today and we can have a chat about how my wedding photography service can give you beautiful wedding photos to love for a lifetime.